1. For all those who wish to make their work available on the conference website in advance:

  • All papers submitted to the XIII International Congress of the AEHE, both in plenary and simultaneous sessions, must use the official edition template of the Conference. Citations, references and bibliography will follow the publishing rules indicated by the journal Economic History Research (Investigaciones de Historia Económica).
  • The papers that wish to be posted in advance on the website will be sent to the coordinators before 30 May 2022.
  • Session coordinators must check that all of the papers comply with the editing rules established by the AEHE.
  • Papers should be named with the Session number – Surname of the author (or first author et al.): SESSION #- SURNAME et al.
  • Session coordinators must send the papers in PDF format (one per paper) to, indicating in the subject: Papers-Session XX, before 10 June 2022.

2. Those who do not want their work to appear on the conference website:

    • You must inform the session coordinators by 30 May 2022. They will give you the final delivery date.


Those who wish to participate in the IHE-EHR Fast Track must go through a double process:

  1. Sending the communication to your session coordinator before 30 May 2022. This version can be preliminary.
  2. Sending the final version to the Fast Trackers before 31 July 2022.