The next conference of the Spanish Association of Economic History (AEHE) will be held in Bilbao, at the University of the Basque Country’s Bizkaia Aretoa, from 1 to 4 September 2020. The central theme of the conference will revolve around science, technology, innovation and economic development in historical perspective, although, following AEHE’s tradition, sessions and papers dealing with other themes will also be accepted.

This first circular serves to invite proposals for conference sessions, which must be submitted along with their title and a brief description of their topic (a maximum of 300 words). The proposals will include a list of prospective participants and their contributions and will be submitted to both the Local Organising Committee ( and the General Secretary of the AEHE ( before 30 June 2019. To ensure that all papers have sufficient time for discussion, the organisers strongly recommend that sessions include a maximum of eight papers. For any questions or queries, session organisers can contact either the AEHE or the president of the Local Organising Committee, Prof. Jesús M. Vadaliso ( The Council of the AEHE will announce the accepted sessions by 20 July 2019.

Further on, a second circular will provide instructions about how to submit papers and posters, present ongoing PhD dissertations, and make arrangements for conference book tables. In any case, all the information about the conference will be made available on its website (


Adoración Álvaro Moya    (General Secretary of the AEHE)

Jesús M. Valdaliso (Local Organising Committee)

The Council of the Spanish Association of Economic History (AEHE), in its meeting of 4 September, approved the list of plenary and parallel sessions which is already available on the conference website ( The Council also agreed to invite the coordinators of all the accepted sessions to make a new call for papers. The deadline for submission is 1 December 2019. It was also decided to open up a call for posters connected to ongoing research projects. Poster proposals must be submitted to the Local Organising Committee ( and by 1 December 2019. Shortly we will inform on the submission of proposals for the Doctoral School session, which is scheduled for 1 September 2020.

The registration form will be available on the conference website shortly.


Adoración Álvaro Moya  (General Secretary of the AEHE )

Jesús M. Valdaliso (Local Organising Committee)