El Consejo Editorial de IHE-EHR llevará a cabo una sesión “fast track” en el próximo Congreso de la AEHE en Bilbao, con el objetivo de publicar artículos de calidad en la revista siguiendo un procedimiento de evaluación más rápido del habitual. Solicitamos, para ello, propuestas de papers sobre Historia Económica interesados en ser publicados en IHE-EHR. Se invita especialmente a investigadores noveles a considerar su participación.

Los autores deberán enviar un resumen extendido (600 palabras) y un cv corto (máximo 2 páginas), hasta el 23 de noviembre de 2021. La comunicación de las propuestas seleccionadas se realizará durante el mes de diciembre, y la versión final de los artículos deberá ser enviada por los autores antes del 17 de agosto 2022.

Durante la sesión “fast track” en el Congreso de la AEHE, los editores de IHE-EHR harán comentarios a las presentaciones que los autores deberán tener en cuenta para revisar sus trabajos. Estos artículos entrarán entonces en un proceso de evaluación externa (revisión por pares) más rápido de lo habitual, recibiendo las respuestas de los revisores anónimos en un plazo máximo de 30 días.

Dirección para el envío de propuestas: ihe@aehe.es, indicando #FastTrack en el asunto del mensaje.


The Council of the Spanish Economic History Association, at its meeting of 25 June 2021, and as announced at the General Assembly of 2 July 2021, agreed on the following calendar for updating the sessions of the Congress and the submission of papers

1. 6 September – 30 November 2021: deadline for updating the sessions, within which the organisers may issue public calls for new paper proposals.
2. Before 20 December 2021: approval of the proposed changes by the scientific committee.
3. 15 November 2021: call for papers for the Doctoral Day.
4. 30 May 2022: deadline for submission of papers to the coordinators of each session.
5. 10 June 2022: deadline for sending the papers for each session to the Congress Organising Committee (elena.catalan@ehu.eus). All papers must use the official congress editing template, which will be available on the website (https://congresosaehe.es/congreso-internacional-aehe/instrucciones-envio/).



The Council of the Spanish Economic History Association (AEHE), at its meeting of 27 January 2020, agreed, at the proposal of the Local Organising Committee, to postpone the holding of its 13th International Conference to 31 August to 3 September 2022. The decision has been taken taking into account the current situation of the pandemic and the prospects of its evolution in the medium term, as well as the intention of both the Council of the AEHE and the organisers to hold a face-to-face congress, and is similar to that adopted by other international scientific associations. The choice of dates has been determined by the desire not to interfere with the academic calendar, given that many universities start their academic year the week after the week chosen for the Conference. In the coming months the Local Organising Committee will draw up a new programme of activities which will be posted on the Conference website.



The Council of the Spanish Economic History Association (AEHE), at its meeting of 27 January 2020, agreed, at the proposal of the Local Organising Committee, to postpone the holding of its 13th International Conference to 1-4 September 2022. The decision is based on the current situation of the pandemic and the medium-term evolution prospects and is similar to that adopted by other international scientific associations with conferences and congresses in 2020, which have finally decided to move them to 2022.


The emergency situation in which we find ourselves as a result of the expansion of COVID-19, and the great uncertainty that exists as to when academic activity can be resumed normally, have led the Local Organising Committee and the Council of the AEHE to take, with great regret, the decision to delay the holding of the Conference by one year. Specifically, it is scheduled to take place between September 1 and 4, 2021.

The proposals for sessions and communications already accepted are maintained, as well as the Doctoral Conference, although it will foreseeably be necessary to reorganize the program to adapt it to the spaces available on the new dates. We will keep you informed about all this. The authors of papers may introduce changes in their works according to the advances in research that occur in the coming months or even withdraw their proposal if they deem it appropriate. In any case, for any change they should contact the organizers of the session in which they are participating.

We regret the inconvenience that this decision, which we would have preferred not to have had to be taken, may cause and we trust that we will all return to normalcy, with health and renewed enthusiasm, soon.

The deadline for sending papers to be uploaded to the Conference website is 30 May 2020. The coordinators of each session must send the communications, in pdf format, to Elena Catalán (elena.catalan@ehu.eus). All papers must use the official conference edition template, available on the conference website (https://congresosaehe.es/congreso-internacional-aehe/instrucciones-envio/).

The IHE-EHR Editorial Board will hold a “fast track” session at the Conference, on Friday, 4 September 2020, from 3 to 5 pm. For this reason, proposals for articles are requested among those papers that have already been accepted in the different sessions. Among the proposals received, the IHE Editorial Board will select between 4 and 6 papers to be presented in this session, as well as in the corresponding session. During the session, the editors of IHE-EHR will make comments that the authors should take into account to prepare the formal submission of the manuscript to the journal. IHE-EHR is committed to a rapid evaluation of these originals, following the usual channels of peer review. Those interested should send, before 30 March 2020, an extended abstract of the communication (600 words) and a brief CV (maximum 1 page) to the following address: ihe@aehe.es, indicating #FastTrack in the subject of the message. The communication of the selected proposals will take place during April. The authors must send the final version of their articles before 31 July 2020. For any clarification or additional information, those interested may contact Sara Torregrosa Hetland (sara.torregrosa-hetland@ekh.lu.se) and Luis Felipe Zegarra (lfzegarrab@pucp.pe).

There are several grants to cover the registration fees for the Conference and an accommodation grant for master and doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers without a contract or a grant in force. Those interested may send their applications, attaching the documentation justifying payment of registration and their status as a student or postdoctoral researchers without a contract or grant, before 15 June, to Igor Goñi (igor.goni@ehu.eus) or Xabier Lamikiz (xabier.lamikiz@ehu.eus).

Third Circular

2nd AEHE Doctoral Conference

Bilbao, 1 September 2020


The Spanish Association of Economic History is organising, within the framework of its 13th International Conference, a 2nd Doctoral Conference for doctoral students. Like the 1st Conference, held in Salamanca in 2017, this 2nd Conference aims to facilitate the processes of preparation and defence of the doctoral thesis, to publicise the work currently underway in national and foreign institutions, to encourage contacts with specialists and to provide information on the stages that make up the academic career.

The 2nd Doctoral Conference will be held on 1 September 2020 (the day before the start of the main Conference) at the Bizkaia Aretoa Building, University of the Basque Country (UPV), Elhuyar room. It will last one day and will be organised in morning and afternoon sessions.

In the initial sessions, papers will be given on the following subjects: 1) the process of preparing, writing and defending a doctoral thesis, dealing with both research and academic and administrative issues; 2) the dissemination of results in conferences and scientific publications; 3) post-doctoral outings, from the range of theoretical possibilities to the practical experiences of recent doctors; and 4) the academic career and the accreditation system in Spain. The participants will then discuss their respective research in parallel sessions grouped by topic, in which they will be assisted by the rest of the students and consolidated researchers.

This Conference is intended for researchers in doctoral programmes in Economic History, Economics and History, with ongoing doctoral theses in the field of Economic History, understood broadly. Those interested in participating should send their proposal to the organisers: Marc Badia-Miró (mbadia@ub.edu), Igor Goñi (igor.goni@ehu.eus) and Esther Sánchez (esther.sanchez@usal.es). The proposals will include the provisional title of the thesis and a summary of maximum 1,000 words, clearly specifying the object of the research, the expected contribution to the knowledge or preliminary results, and the sources and methodology used.

In order to guarantee the proper functioning of the 2nd Doctoral Conference, the number of participants is limited. The Council of the AEHE will act as a scientific committee in the selection of proposals. Those selected who cannot count on the financial support of their universities will receive financial aid from the AEHE and the local organization to partially cover the expenses derived from their participation in the Conference.

Attendance and participation will give the right to the corresponding certificate. The deadline for sending proposals is 15 February 2020. Final acceptance will be communicated before 15 March 2020.

The Council of the Spanish Association of Economic History (AEHE), in its meeting of 4 September, approved the list of plenary and parallel sessions which is already available on the conference website (https://congresosaehe.es/congreso-internacional-aehe/sesiones-2/). The Council also agreed to invite the coordinators of all the accepted sessions to make a new call for papers. The deadline for submission is 1 December 2019. It was also decided to open up a call for posters connected to ongoing research projects. Poster proposals must be submitted to the Local Organising Committee (igor.etxabe@ehu.eus and igor.goni@ehu.eus) by 1 December 2019. Shortly we will inform on the submission of proposals for the Doctoral School session, which is scheduled for 1 September 2020.

The registration form will be available on the conference website shortly.


Adoración Álvaro Moya  (General Secretary of the AEHE )

Jesús M. Valdaliso (Local Organising Committee)

The next conference of the Spanish Association of Economic History (AEHE) will be held in Bilbao, at the University of the Basque Country’s Bizkaia Aretoa, from 1 to 4 September 2020. The central theme of the conference will revolve around science, technology, innovation and economic development in historical perspective, although, following AEHE’s tradition, sessions and papers dealing with other themes will also be accepted.

This first circular serves to invite proposals for conference sessions, which must be submitted along with their title and a brief description of their topic (a maximum of 300 words). The proposals will include a list of prospective participants and their contributions and will be submitted to both the Local Organising Committee (elena.catalan@ehu.eus) and the General Secretary of the AEHE (adoracionalvaro@cunef.edu) before 30 June 2019. To ensure that all papers have sufficient time for discussion, the organisers strongly recommend that sessions include a maximum of eight papers. For any questions or queries, session organisers can contact either the AEHE or the president of the Local Organising Committee, Prof. Jesús M. Vadaliso (jesusm.valdaliso@ehu.eus). The Council of the AEHE will announce the accepted sessions by 20 July 2019.

Further on, a second circular will provide instructions about how to submit papers and posters, present ongoing PhD dissertations, and make arrangements for conference book tables. In any case, all the information about the conference will be made available on its website (https://congresosaehe.es/congreso-internacional-aehe/).


Adoración Álvaro Moya    (General Secretary of the AEHE)

Jesús M. Valdaliso (Local Organising Committee)